Jahresbericht 2022 für

NC SCOSTEP: National Committee of the Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics

Präsident/Präsidentin: Marina Battaglia (vertreten durch Lucia Kleint wegen Krankheitsabwesenheit)

Von: Lucia Kleint, lucia.kleint@unibe.ch


The goal of the national SCOSTEP committee is to strengthen the Swiss solar-terrestrial community by connecting scientists with interests in all aspects of solar-terrestrial physics, including fundamental solar physics, space-weather, and the influence of solar activity and solar variability on the Earth’s atmosphere and climate. The committee represents the community within Switzerland and internationally.

In 2022, the committee welcomed new members and now has representation from all Swiss institutes that focus on the study of the Sun: FHNW, PMOD/WRC, IRSOL, PSI, ETHZ, University of Geneva (changed to University of Bern in July 2022). The committee started the organization of a Swiss SCOSTEP workshop, to be held in May 2023 at FHNW. Its members gave various scientific presentations at conferences, and also participated in outreach events in Switzerland, e.g. ETH Nacht der Physik 2022, Nacht der Forschung 2022 - Universität Bern.