Jahresbericht 2017 für

LS2 Life Sciences Switzerland: Life Sciences Switzerland

Präsident/Präsidentin: Prof. Dr. Urs Greber

Von: Carolin von Schoultz, carolin.vonschoultz@ls2.ch


Tagungen / Kurse

        (Priority was given to PhD students, places were given to MSc and Postdocs upon availability)

Internationale Aktivitäten

B) Simone Camargo (UZH), delegate LS2 section Physiology, FEPS delegate meeting, 13-15 September 2017, Vienna

Didier Picard (UNIGE), delegate LS2 section MCB, the 57th FEBS Council Meeting Jerusalem, 14-15 September 2017


Forschungsunterstützende Informations- und Koordinationsaufgaben

Dialog mit der Gesellschaft

3. February 2017, Irchel Campus, University of Zurich

"Misuse of biological research: Do we need to be concerned?" 

As part of the LS2 Annual Meeting 2017, the SCNAT Forum for Genetic Research organised a session, followed by a roundtable discussion about: "Misuse of biological research: Do we need to be concerned?"

The Forum for Genetic Research invited participants of the LS2 Annual Meeting as well as other interested persons to explore this question. Cédric Invernizzi, biosecurity and bioweapons expert of the Spiez Laboratory, explained in his input talk why there have been increasing security-related concerns about life science research and what measures authorities but also scientists have implemented so far. An interdisciplinary panel of young scientists then discussed about their understanding of ethical research, the importance of open communication and the unpredictability of biological research. Around 30 participants took part followed and joined in on a lively and entertaining discussion.

The event report on this session and the resulting film can be found here : goo.gl/Cz7qkM